About Computer Music Journal
Published continuously since 1977, Computer Music Journal (CMJ) is a quarterly journal that covers a wide range of topics related to digital audio signal processing and electroacoustic music. It is published (in hard copy and on-line) by MIT Press. The topics addressed in Computer Music Journal include:
  • software and hardware for digital audio signal processing;
  • electroacoustic, electronic, and computer music;
  • software for music notation, printing, and archival systems;
  • music representation languages and music cognition;
  • new physical performance interfaces;
  • sound localization and 3-D sound spatialization;
  • sound in computer user interfaces and virtual realities;
  • aesthetics of contemporary music, and other areas.
Each issue of Computer Music Journal is between 80 and 128 pages long and includes:
  • Editor's Notes, letters, and discussions of recent topics;
  • news and announcements relevant to the computer music community;
  • four or more feature articles--technical or aesthetical essays, tutorials, surveys, or interviews;
  • eight or more reviews of events, recordings, publications, and products; and
  • extensive new product announcements.
The editors of Coputer Music Journal also produce an annual online sound and video anthology that accompanies the Winter issue. It contains curated music and may also contain sound examples, video examples, and computer files related to Journal articles.

Editorial Staff

Douglas Keislar

Managing Editor
Louise Harris

Associate Editors
Margaret Cahill
Peter Castine
Brett Terry

Assistant Editors
Brian Bemman
Chuck-jee Chau
Ross Feller

Editorial Consultants
Jeffrey Morris
Tae Hong Park
Lonce Wyse

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