Position openings at Computer Music Journal

Computer Music Journal, a scholarly journal founded in 1976 and published by MIT Press, invites applications for two openings for the position of Assistant Editor. The two positions are identical, sharing management of the Journal's manuscript submissions. Each position entails an estimated average of five hours per week and has no geographical limitations. Applications are due July 25, 2022. The positions will begin in August 2022.

With these positions, along with a new publication model, we intend to speed the time for processing and publishing manuscripts. (The new publication model involves online posting of authors' manuscripts shortly after they are accepted, with subsequent updates following the Journal's usual editing and formatting. The Journal will continue to appear both online and in print form.)

Responsibilities, which are detailed below, entail managing the peer-review process for half of the manuscript submissions, including communications with peer reviewers and authors. Because of the technical nature of many CMJ manuscripts, preference will be given to applicants who have a background in engineering, computer science, or related research areas. The ideal applicant will be able to comprehend and evaluate manuscripts on a wide variety of topics, in order to assimilate the peer reviewers' suggestions and to assess how well the authors' revisions comply with them. The cover letter or CV should include a summary of the applicant's mathematical and technical skills as well as any musical background.

Your emailed application should include:

(1) a brief letter explaining your interest and qualifications.
(2) a curriculum vitae, including education, publications, any editorial experience, and a list of areas of computer music in which you have particular interest or expertise.
(3) names, phone numbers, email addresses, and affiliations of references.
(4) one or more short samples of your writing (not necessarily published) on any topic related to computer music.

Members of underrepresented groups, including women, are encouraged to apply, as are all other qualified applicants.

Send applications or questions to

Position: Assistant Editor (two openings)

  • Estimate time requirement:
    • 5 hours per week, on average
  • Location:
    • May live anywhere in the world with good Internet access
  • Requirements:
    • Broad and deep knowledge of computer music
    • Master's degree or higher
    • At least a bachelor's degree or equivalent in a technical field (e.g., computer science, engineering, mathematics, sciences)
    • English fluency and good writing skills
    • Punctuality and attention to detail
  • Helpful:
    • Familiarity with foreign languages
    • Musical training
  • Responsibilities:
    • Acknowledge manuscript submission
    • Create and update entries in a manuscript database
    • Communicate with Editor to identify potential peer reviewers
    • Find peer reviewers and send instructions
    • Ensure prompt reviews by sending reminders
    • Assemble review comments, including peer reviewers', Editor's, and appointee's own
    • Notify authors of outcome of review process
    • Encourage timely revisions
    • Help assess suitability of authors' revisions
    • In some cases, send revisions to peer reviewers for further comment
  • Compensation:
    • Nominal; contact the Editor.
  • Recognition: