Multimedia Reviews

Space/Sound: Multichannel Electroacoustic Music by Thomas DeLio, Thomas Licata, Agostino Di Scipio, Kristian Twombly, Kees Tazelaar, and Linda Dusman
Reviewed by Michael Boyd

Various: Recovery/Discovery—40 Years of Surround Electronic Music in the UK
Reviewed by James Harley

McLean DVDs
Reviewed by Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner

Zbigniew Karkowski/Atsuko Nojiri: Continuity
Reviewed by Jeffrey Treviño

People Like Us: Story Without End (and three other Films)
Reviewed by Kevin Hamilton

Curtis Roads: POINT LINE CLOUD, Electronic Music 1999-2003
Reviewed by Brigitte Robindoré and James Harley

Hans Fjellestad: Moog
Reviewed by James Harley

Lexikon Musikautomaten: Die Welt der selbstspielenden Musikinstrumente
Reviewed by Jim Hearon

Uli Aumüller: My Cinema for the Ears: The Musique Concrète of Francis Dhomont and Paul Lansky
Reviewed by Kristine H. Burns and Colby Leider

DSP: Digital Sound Processing
Reviewed by Bill Sack

DEGEM: Klangkunst in Deutschland (Sonic Arts in Germany)
Reviewed by Oliver Schneller

Waves Gold Native Bundle Version 3.0
Reviewed by Juniana Grimm, Lon Schnittgrund, James Harley

Richard Boulanger, editor: The Csound Catalog With Audio
Reviewed by Daniel Hosken

Barry Truax, editor: Handbook of Acoustic Ecology, 2nd ed. (CD-ROM version)
Reviewed by Laurie Radford

CyberQuilt: An ICMA CD-ROM Anthology
CD-ROM for Macintosh
Reviewed by James Bohn