Product Reviews

KYMA 7: The Search for the Ultimate Sound Creation Instrument
Reviewed by Barton McLean

Dennis Miller: Seven Animations
Reviewed by Andrew Fletcher

Max 5 Programming Language Update
Reviewed by Jared Dunne

DaevlMakr.Plugs Audio Software Effects
Reviewed by Jared Dunne

Primera Bravo SE Disc Publisher
Reviewed by James Harley

Monome 40h Multi-Purpose Hardware Controller
Reviewed by Jared Dunne

Bidule Modular Audio Software
Reviewed by Jared Regan

Waves Restoration/NR and Bias Sound Soap Pro
Reviewed by James Harley

Composers’ Desktop Project version 5.0.1
Reviewed by Jon Forshee

SoundHack Spectral Shapers
Reviewed by Paul Doornbusch

softVNS 2 Real Time Video Processing and Tracking Software
Reviewed by Margaret Schedel

Electrotap Teabox Sensor Interface
Reviewed by Barry Moon

CreativeSynth/Cycling 74: MODE Plug-ins
Reviewed by Margaret Cahill

Cycling ’74 radiaL Loop-based Performance Software
Reviewed by Meg Schedel

Applied Acoustics Tassman 3.0
Applied Acoustics LoungeLizard EP-2

Reviewed by Margaret Cahill

Altiverb Reverberation Software
Reviewed by Michael Theodore

Reviewed by Margaret Cahill

Sibelius 2 Notation Software
Reviewed by Tae Hong Park
[ Web Version updated to include Sibelius 3 Review by S. Lyn Goeringer]

Propellerheads ReCycle!, ReBirth, Reason Audio Softwarer
Reviewed by Jonathan Segel
[ Web Version updated to include Reason v2.5 ]

Native Instruments: Reaktor 3 software synthesizer
Len Sasso: Native Instruments Reaktor Wizoo Guide

Reviewed by Jonathan Segel

MusicMatch Mukebox MP3 Software for Macintosh
Reviewed by Joseph Reinsel

Reviewed by James Bohn

MTC Express Multi-touch Controller
Reviewed by Randall Jones

Finale 2000
Reviewed by Scott Spiegelberg

CyberQuilt: An ICMA CD-ROM Anthology
CD-ROM for Macintosh
Reviewed by James Bohn