Recording Reviews

James Dashow: Archimedes - A Planetarium Opera
Reviewed by Bradley S. Green

Mauri Edo: The Present Time
Reviewed by Seth Rozanoff

Ingrid Laubrock: Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Annette Vande Gorne: Illusion
Reviewed by Arian Bagheri Pour Fallah

David Felder: Jeu de Tarot
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Thomas DeLio: Selected Compositions III (1986-2017)
Reviewed by Bradley Green

Thomas Dimuzio: SLEW TEW – A Compilation of Compilation Tracks 2003-2017
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Agostino Di Scipio: Concrezioni Sonore
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Sabina Covarrubias: Viaje
Reviewed by Seth Rozanoff

Clemens von Reusner: Electroacoustic Works
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Peter Evans and Sam Pluta: Two Live Sets
Reviewed by Seth Rozanoff

Kari Väkevä: Diptych
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Gunhild Seim, Marilyn Crispell, and David Rothenberg: Grenseland
Reviewed by Seth Rozanoff

Sebastian Lexer + Steve Noble: Muddy Ditch
Reviewed by Seth Rozanoff

Ian Fredericks: Sunrise: The Acousmatic Music of Ian Fredericks
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Zenial: Minotaur
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Russell Pinkston: Balancing Acts
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Nicolas Collins: Salvaged – Compositions 1986-2014
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Tornado Project: Trios for Flute, Clarinet, and Computer
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Yannis Kyriakides + Andy Moor: A Life is a Billion Heartbeats
Reviewed by Seth Aaron Rozanoff

CJ Symon: Twelve Day Today Preludes and Fugues
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Neil Leonard: For Kounellis
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Thomas DeLio: Selected Compositions CD and space/image/word/sound DVD
Reviewed by Michael Boyd

Paul Dolden: Who Has The Biggest Sound?
Reviewed by Allan J. Cronin

Matthew Burtner: Noise Plays Burtner
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Juan Blanco: Nuestro Tiempo / Our Time
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Barry Schrader: The Barnum Museum (2009-2012)
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Alexander Berne and The Abandoned Orchestra: Self Referentials Volumes 1&2
Reviewed by Jonathan Brown

Felipe Otondo: Tutuguri
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Andrew May: Imaginary Friends
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Mars in 3D
Reviewed by Gareth Loy

Elizabeth Hoffman: Intérieurs Harmoniques
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Elainie Lillios: Entre Espaces
Reviewed by Barry Schrader

David A. Jaffe: Wildlife
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Reed Evan Rosenberg: At The End of an Endless Stream
Reviewed by Christopher Riggs

Christopher Bailey: Immolation Ritual
Reviewed by Ross Feller

CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 38: Music from Bowling Green State University, MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music
Reviewed by Jim Phelps

Henk Badings: More Electronic Music
Reviewed by James Harley

Stephen Travis Pope: Ritual and Memory
Reviewed by Gareth Loy and John Snell

Barry Truax: Acoustic Communication and Compositional Techniques
Reviewed by Mary Simoni and Kristin Fosdick

Amnon Wolman: The Marilyn Series
Reviewed by Michael Boyd

Electronic Music, Vol. III, Música Viva Competition Prize Winners 2004—2005—2006: Adrian Moore, Joshua Goldman, Panayiotis Kokoras, Pedro Almeida, Santiago Díez Fischer, Ingrid Obled, Manuella Blackburn, Thomas Peter
Reviewed by Ian Whalley

Frances White: Centre Bridge: Electroacoustic Works
Reviewed by Patricia L. Dirks

Various: Music from SEAMUS, Volume 17
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Simon Emmerson: Spaces and Places
Reviewed by Jeffrey Treviño

Dexter Morrill: Music for Stanford
Reviewed by Michael Boyd

Various: [re] DVD
Reviewed by Elizabeth Hoffman

Neil Rolnick: Shadow Quartet
Reviewed by Jeffrey Treviño

Irwin Chusid, curator: Interesting Results: Music by a Committee of One
Reviewed by Andrew Fletcher

Rodney Waschka II: Saint Ambrose
Reviewed by Mary Simoni

Jean-Claude Risset: Elementa
Reviewed by Margaret Schedel

Bourges CDs
Reviewed by Laurie Radford

Paul Doornbusch: Corrosion: Music for Instruments, computers and electronics
Reviewed by Richard Barrett

Agostino Di Scipio: hörbare ökosysteme, live-elektronische kompositionen 1993-2005
Reviewed by Steve Wanna Leslie Stuck: Pas
Reviewed by Peter V. Swendsen

Tom Erbe, Chris Mann, Larry Polansky, douglas repetto, Christian Wolff: Trios
Reviewed by Steven M. Miller and Alan Shockley

Matthew Burtner: Metasaxophone Colossus
Reviewed by Peter V. Swendsen

An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music / Volumes #1, Volume #2, Volume #3
Reviewed by James Harley

Neil Leonard: Timaeus
Reviewed by Ross Feller

David Cope: Virtual Bach
Reviewed by Eliot Handelman

Various: Presence III
Various: DISContact! III

Reviewed by James Harley

McGill Electronic Music Studio 35th Anniversary: Tornado—Electroacoustic Compositions
Reviewed by James Harley

David Toop, curator: Not Necessarily “English Music”: A collection of experimental music from Great Britain, 1960-1977
Reviewed by Ross Feller

Radiohead: Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief
Reviewed by Nick Collins

Sonic Art from Aberdeen, Glasgow, Huddersfield and Newcastle
Reviewed by Steve Benner

Thomas DeLio, Agostino Di Scipio, Linda Dusman, Wesley Fuller, Michael Hamman: MUSIC/TEXT II
Reviewed by Thomas Licata

Alternating Currents: Electronic Music from The University of Michigan
Reviewed by Nico Schüler

New Zealand Sonic Art
Reviewed by Jim Hearon

Paul Lansky: Ride
Reviewed by Jon Appleton

Christopher Dobrian: Artful Devices, Music for Piano and Computers
Reviewed by Daniel Hosken

David Mahler: Hearing Voices
Reviewed by Steven M. Miller

Leonardo Music Journal CD, Volume 9
curated by Guy Van Belle: Power and Responsibility: Converted to Streaming Between Machines
Reviewed by Laurie Radford

Hugh Le Caine: Compositions-Demonstrations 1946-1974
Reviewed by alcides lanza

Paul Lansky: Things She Carried
Reviewed by Jon Appleton

Sever Tipei: raw cuts
Reviewed by James Bohn

Jerry Tabor, Jean-Claude Risset, Otto Laske, Agostino Di Scipio, Michael Hamman, Mark Sullivan, Insook Choi, Thomas DeLio: Electro Acoustic Music VI
Reviewed by Thomas Licata

Reviewed by Laurie Radford

James Dashow, Thomas DeLio, Wesley Fuller, Shirish Korde: MUSIC/TEXT
Reviewed by Thomas Licata

Jorge Antunes: Musica Eletronica
Reviewed by Osvaldo Budón

Caipirinha Music Architettura Series: Vols. I-III
Reviewed by Kim Cascone

Gerard Pape: Electroacoustic Chamber Works
Reviewed by Ross Feller